chemistry tuition

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  1. Step-by-Step Chemistry Specialist Programme Your Child Needs To Score A or B.
    Specialise In Chemistry · 91.3% Scored ‘A’ & ‘B’ · Teach Ahead of Syllabus · Customised Way to Learn
    Courses: O Level Chemistry, A Level Chemistry, H2 Chemistry, JC Chemistry
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    • Unique Teaching Method
  2. Highly sought-after H2 Chem Tutor. 74.1% Distinction in 2016. Visit for info!
    Experienced Tutor · Trial Lesson Available · Bishan Central · Stellar Track Record
    Highlights: Highly Qualified And Experienced Tutor, Accessible Location At Bishan Central…

    Proven results. MOE JC lecturer. 1st Class Hons. 11 yr teaching exp. NIE. Ex RJC
    MOE Award Winning · Best teaching credentials · UK & US Trained · Free Trial @ Kovan

    10 Years Getting Students From OK to A Grade. Proven. Effective. Motivational.


  1. Specialist Centre for O-Level and A-Level Chemistry, located at Yishun Blk 101
    Learning Environment · Award Winning Tutors
    Highlights: Comprehensive Programs In The Education, Accessible For All
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    Fretting Over H1/H2 Chemistry? Our H1/H2 Chemistry Tuition is The Solution!
    • JC Maths
    • Chemistry
    • General Paper
    • Promotions
    • Physics
    • Biology
    501 Jurong West Street 51Open today · 3:30 – 9:30 PM

    Topical Revision for JC1 students who didnt do well for their promotional exams
    Top Quality Notes · 6 convenient locations · No obligation trial avail · Experienced JC Teachers
    Courses: JC Physics Tuition, JC Biology Tuition, JC Maths Tuition, Economics Tuition, GP Tuition

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